Ontario Installation of Waterless Self-Contained System December 08 2016

Martin C. in Ontario sent us some wonderful comments about his Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained System installation.

"My Sancor Envirolet I am using as a temporary system as I convert an old apiary building into a home. The building has no water service though I do expect to make the connection once the rooms and fixtures resettled into the in the final layout.

Envirolet installation in Ontario
This process has taken several years and the toilet has been in different places in the building during the construction. It has been very useful that I can move it around easily. A couple of inches this way and that can make a lot of difference to get the best use of the space. When the floor plan is exact, a flush toilet will stand where this is now and the vent becomes the stack vent.

Just cleaned it out today. All is well and I’m getting quite systematic in doing it fast and cleanly."

Best regards,
Martin C.
Ontario, Canada

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