Envirolet® Daily Mix


$17.95 flat rate S&H total per parts order no matter how many items you order*. Usually ships within 5-7 days.

Daily Mix is specially formulated for daily use with Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems to assist the composting process. It is an essential part of maintaining your system properly.

Improves composting and is recommended instead of peat moss or can also be added in addition to regular peat moss.

  • Choose Daily Mix Pail (56 cups or 224 uses) or Daily Mix Re-Fill Bags (168 cups or 672 uses).
  • Plastic pail is only included with Daily Mix Pail option.
  • "Uses" are measured as 1/4 cup each (56 cups = 224 uses).
  • All natural material.


  • Spread 1/4 cup per user of Daily Mix every day (when system is in use) over compost in system for best results.

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