Dometic 510+ Low Water Toilet

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The Dometic 510+ ceramic Low Water Toilet flushes with as little as one pint of water! Water can be added via a connection to a pressurized water supply (20-40 PSI), a gravity feed, or it can be manually added.

• New styling features deeper bowl and increased seat height for enhanced comfort.
• Powerful cleaning action with improved rim wash.
• Less residual water in bowl keeps sloshing to a minimum.
• Water-efficient -- uses about one pint of water per flush
• Includes household size seat and lid with enlarged opening.

Available standard in white. Also available in white and bone. This is the Low Water toilet that is included standard with Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems.

Dimensions: 20 1/2" L x 15 1/4" W x 18 3/4" H (17 1/8" H to toilet seat)
Shipping Weight: 44 lbs.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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