Envirolet® FlushSmart VF System


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Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ is the first vacuum flush and composting toilet system combo. It is a fusion of proven sanitation technologies that is not only modern in function and appearance but can be installed almost anywhere.

Advantages of the FlushSmart™ VF™ System
• Environment-friendly
• A truly modern toilet in both looks and function
• Uses less water than other flush toilets
• Aerates and pulverizes waste for better, faster composting-action
• Installs where others cannot

Ideal Applications for the FlushSmart™ VF™
Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ can be installed in any application that any other Envirolet® System can be installed. But, there are some applications where only an Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ will work, including:
• Cottage or home installations on rock or with little or no room below
• Basements, Garages, Work Shops, Pool Cabanas, Yurts
• Applications where a smaller toilet is needed or desired

Complete System Includes
• 1 x 120VAC (40W min, 540W max) or 12VDC (0.48AMPS) Envirolet® Composting Tank with 1 x Vacuum Generator (Double Tank Systems feature 2 tanks)
• 1 x Vacuum Toilet (White or Bone)
• 1 x 12V Power Supply Unit (120VAC Electric models only)
• 2 x Starter Mix Kits
• 1 x Compost Accelerator
• 1 x 5m/20' Drain Hose
• Gear Clamps & Connections
• 1 x 1.1m/4’ x 110mm/4” Flex Vent & Gear Clamp
• 1 x 110mm/4” Wind Turbine Ventilator

PPD refers to persons per day. Vacation use is cottage or weekend use. Full-time is daily. Based on 3 uses per person per day.
300/700/800 120VAC: 10 PPD Cottage Use, 8 PPD Full-Time Use
320/720/820 12VDC: 8 PPD Cottage Use, 6 PPD Full-Time Use
350/750/850 120VAC: 20 PPD Cottage Use, 16 PPD Full-Time Use
370/770/870 12VDC: 16 PPD Cottage Use, 12 PPD Full-Time Use

• Each Composting Unit Size: 63.5cm/25" W x 84cm/33" L x 72cm/28.5" H
• Toilet to Vacuum Generator Maximum Distance: 15m/50'
• Vacuum Generator to Composting Unit Maximum Distance: 6m/20'
• Head (Toilet to Vacuum Generator height) Maximum: 1.8/6'

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