Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems

A modern convenience, these luxury toilets flush with as little as one pint of water, using a convenient foot pedal. Made of the finest porcelain china and optionally available in a wonderful array of contemporary colours, white and bone are standard.

Up to three low flush toilets may be connected to this single System. In addition, the Low Water Remote is a high capacity System which can accommodate up to 10 persons per day as well as additional guests from time to time.

The Low Water Remote is simple to operate and easy to clean. Natural organic products may be added to the treatment module through a service port and powered units have a switch to control the fans and/or the heating system.

Installation is quick and easy.

The Remote unit installs directly below the floor or on an side wall, either near the toilet or offset 10 feet or more, and must be covered by the floor or another structure.

It must be well insulated if used in cold weather. Flexible duct and drain pipes ensure better air flow and easy connections, and a special Filter Drain is included.

Installation below the floor requires 74cm or more, ground to floor. Minimum clearance for an outside wall installation is 56 cm. Low flush toilets connect to either your gravity feed or pressure water supply.

Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems Specifications
Minimum Power
Maximum Power
Vacation Use Capacity
Full-Time Use Capacity
Envirolet® LWRS NE Non-Electric
Envirolet® LWRS 12V 12VDC
Envirolet® LWRS120V 120VAC
Size All Remote Systems: 64 cm W x 84 cm L x 72 cm H
Size Low Water Toilet: 39 cm W x 52 cm L x 48 cm H (44 cm Height to seat)

* Based on three uses per person per day.
All Systems will handle occasional additional use. All Low Water Systems are fitted with special Filter Drain that must gravity feed to a proper drain site. It is not recommended to operate an Envirolet® Low Water Toilet System during winter or freezing conditions unless special precautions are taken. It is recommended to contact Sancor if you wish to use your low water toilet system during winter or freezing conditions. Placing the Envirolet® compost unit in an insulated heated structure and insulating and heating all drain lines is required.