Biolan Dry Separating Toilet


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A tidy toilet to be installed on the floor!

• daily use of the toilet is tidy and pleasant.
• ventilation pipe leading from the toilet tank to the roof ensures the room space remains odourless.
• smooth plastic surfaces of the unit are easy to keep clean.
• seat ring is a thermal seat that feels comfortable even if the room space is chilly.
• separates urine from solid waste in the seat part.
• easy-to-operate batcher of bedding.
• two separate inner receptacles inside the waste tank.

length 78cm L x 59.4cm W x 85cm H (53cm seat H)
height to the batcher's knob 98.5cm
weight 16kg
volume of the bedding container 30L
size of the inner receptacle 28L
diameter of the ventilation pipe 75mm
diameter of the liquid removal pipe 32mm